Dear past thank you for the memories. Dear future, I am ready.

Dear past thank you for the memories. Dear future, I am ready.

As Steve Job’s famous quote went:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward.

Sometimes life has this way of passing us by so quickly that we forget to take a minute to reflect. Moreover, with all the daily societal pressures one faces, we stop celebrating our victories. An achievement which we should acknowledge often goes unnoticed because we feel as though it may be insignificant when measured up against the achievements of others. This is a pattern that we need to stop. We need to reflect back, stop for a moment and experience gratitude that you are indeed on the right path.

With the start of 2018 ushering in new energy, determination and resolutions, I ask you to think about taking the following few steps into helping you achieve your goals and resolutions. After all no one likes to be a ‘new week resolutioner’.

1. 2017 in review

Before diving into the goals you want to achieve in 2018, take a minute to reflect on 2017. Be grateful for what you managed to achieve and learn lessons from where you made mistakes. Asses all areas of your life being:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Work and finances
  • Your spiritual well-being
  • Mental well-being (personal development)
  • Social life

After going through your year, ask yourself what your biggest highlights were, your biggest achievements, your greatest successes. Keep everything positive, this is an exercise of gratitude, not one of self criticism.

I guarantee that through this exercise you will open yourself up to new goals that you want to set, you will know which areas of your life you want to improve on most and you will be able to ascertain what your next steps are even if you do have some sort or even a clear idea for what you want 2018 to hold for you.

2. Goal setting for 2018

After completing step 1 you should already be in a more positive mindset which helps when setting goals for the year to come. Once again asses all areas of your life when setting these goals. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself and set too many big goals. This is a common mistake and one which can lead to low self esteem. Set 1 big goal and many more little goals. Goal setting is about achieving, not overwhelming oneself to the point of not being able to go after any. Be realistic and ask yourself if what you are setting is your truth.

3. Live in the moment of already having received

One of the biggest things to achieving goals is to believe that you already have achieved them. After each goal written pretend you are doing your 2018 year in review and start to feel that feeling of accomplishment of your set out task. If it is weight you want to lose, picture yourself in the outfit you will be wearing at the end of the year and feel gratitude to yourself for getting there.

In terms of the plans I have for The Superhero She Became….

Well let’s just say they are plans that excite me. I have a burning desire to share a wealth of information with you all in the hopes that in some way I can help you to achieve the best possible version of yourself. I will also be sharing the MAD2Run journey with you all. Our next big event is this weekend. We are doing a 360km practice run and I will be sharing the experience on this platform!

I truly hope that 2018 will be your best year yet! Feel free to share some of your goals with me, I would love to hear what everyone is getting upto this year!

Much love

Kylie (The Superhero She Became)

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