MADster – Pascale Toerien

MADster – Pascale Toerien

Name:  Pascale Toerien

Age: 24

City:  Johannesburg

What made you want to enter MAD2Run? 

  1. The MAD foundation is an organisation I feel is truly making a difference in young South African lives in that they are providing more than just funding but an entire support system, the kind of education that they are providing is not just academic and their selection process is fair and ensures the success of these special individuals.
  2. Education, to me is one of the things in life that you cannot lose or have taken from you – knowledge is power and equipping young South Africans to empower themselves is part of this country’s journey to transformation.
  3. The challenge of running 1500km.  I would never have thought I could physically do something like this (kind of still don’t) but the challenge I have given myself, the slight fear (lol) and opportunity to put myself out to make a difference for someone else has made me a MADster.
  4. In the line of work I do the focus is mostly on deadlines, money, economics, KPIs and ratings etc. (and complaining about all of the above) so this journey will put these things in perspective, re-focus and re-prioritise my life so that I am a little more grounded and humble.

What are you most excited about for this journey?

  1. The fund raising and bringing of people together for such a special foundation. 
  2. Educating people about the foundation and making this difference.
  3. Getting to know my fellow MADsters and all the fun we are going to have fundraising and pushing towards our goal.

How will you bring Gees to the team?

My sharp wit and love for dressing up.

Also where there is music I will dance!

What are you most nervous about?

The lack of sleep – I lose my mind without sleep (I will be a mango).

*Mango is a term coined by the original MAD2Run group, whereby, if you are having a mini meltdown, you scream the ‘safe word’ Mango and everyone has to back off, you proceed to do you thing (this can include drinking wine, screaming, kicking, finding a punching bag in the middle of the Karoo) and everyone then remains calm and carries on. 

How is your training going and what are you doing to train for this MAD adventure?

  1. Currently I am running 10km twice a week. With shorter distances in between.
  2. I am also building up to 15km and 18 km once a week with the odd 21.1km race here and there.
  3. In the new year I plan to run 2 times a day every other day to get used to being on the road for most of the day and will then increase either the distances or the frequency of the runs.
  4. I still gym – functional training and weights to stay strong but will reduce this as we get closer to the big week.
  5. I like to do a ton of core strengthening too.

Do you have any fitness tips and trick you would like to share with our Readers?

Consistency is key – every little bit counts so start slowly and stick at it.

Focus on your journey and appreciate the small victories.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power and name be?

I would fly – my name would be “Glide”.


Thank you Pascale, we look forward to this journey with you!


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