The Power of Podcasts

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts are music for the mind

Of late I’m sure one would agree that listening to Pod casts has become some what trendy. I personally see them as highly valuable commodities and if used in the correct manner, can become a powerful instrument to put in you “how to achieve success” tool box.

But lets take a step back and go back to where it all started.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasting began in 2009 by Dave Winer and Adam Curry. It was created as a platform to broadcast audio content for listeners to enjoy at their own convenience. There are a myriad of topics that one can choose to listen to, ranging from murder mysteries to comedies to inspirational success podcasts.

While the former mentioned topics are fun to listen to, this blog post will focus solely on podcasts that aim to inspire and motivate people to achieve success in a variety of different ways.


Neuroscience is a topic that truly fascinates me and I love learning more about Neuroplasticity, which is the process the brain undergoes to create new neural pathways. This topic is worthy of an entire series of blog posts and I won’t get into too much detail on it now, however, I believe to some extent Podcasts can help with training the brain to be in a better, more positive state of consciousness as opposed to listening to other mediums.

“Among other things, neuroplasticity means that emotions such as happiness and compassion can be cultivated in much the same way that a person can learn through repetition to play golf and basketball or master a musical instrument, and that such practice changes the activity and physical aspects of specific brain areas.”

Andrew Weil

The how you may ask?

First let’s look at Dina Proctor who created the 3×3 meditation series which has effective results in rewiring peoples mindsets. This practice involves people taking 3 minutes out of their day, 3 times a day to sit in meditation. This changes the pattern of your thinking, allows you to focus on something different and has seen people experiencing a decreased effect in anxiety, the feeling of being overwhelmed  and creating the ability to relax deeper.

“Successful people will tell you the importance of being focused and present. They are undeterred from what they want to create in their lives.” Dina Proctor

How does this involve Podcasts? If you are listening to a Podcast series that inspires you or makes you laugh, you are already focusing your attention on positive thought patterns. That already sets you in a more positive mind space which then attracts even greater things your way.

From personal experience, I have noticed myself feeling more inspired from listening to Podcasts, I have an even more ambitious, focused mindset and moreover, a series of positive events have started occurring just because I have adapted the right mindset.

Podcasts I can recommend

My current favorite series is Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs. She has a truly genuine way of interviewing sensational women that are doing great things in their respective fields. Her passion radiates through her Podcasts and I’ve ended up following all the women she interviews on social media. This is a great, easy listening series of Podcasts that talks not only to money, but also about health, wellness and mindset.

Tony Robbins needs no introduction as he has made a world renowned name for himself. The Tony Robbins Podcast is hugely inspirational and for those looking to hear about how to train your mind, employ business tactics and generally empower oneself, then this is the perfect series for you.

A really interesting find for me has been Bryan Teare’s Quarter Life Comeback. I love that Bryan is South African which makes the series automatically more relatable for my own personal reasons. But, moreover, Bryan has some great interviews, has experienced a quarter life crisis (something I can relate to) and then goes on to explain how to rebuild yourself. I feel people can take out so much from this series, regardless of whether you’re in your late twenties or wanting to start a new project in your fifties. Nothing is impossible.

The Why …

The above reasons are just a few of why I love to listen to Podcasts. I am lucky to work in an industry where I can listen to them while working. Inevitably, I am then upskilling myself while working. But others may choose to listen in the car, while exercising, cooking or before bed. I’m a firm believer in finding the way that works for you.

We all strive to exercise our bodies, but why do we not pay the same attention to our minds.

Let us know what some of your favorite Podcasts are and why.

Much Love


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